We often get customers asking about what kind of standards the factories that we deal with adhere to in regards to ethics and social responsibilities. Here you will find information about our own brand as well as brands that we have reached out to in this regard:

Totsy Daisy and Mighty Gem (All Wet Bags)

Totsy Daisy and Mighty Gem branded products are designed in Australia and ethically made in China.

Without yet visiting the factory in person we talk to our supplier often and are confident with their testimonies. Our dealings with them are always happy, positive ones. The employees never appear rushed when we are dealing with them and always respond to our queries in a timely manner. The workers have realistic time frames and some of our orders can take close to half a year to be made so that they can take their time producing our beautiful products. 

We have been assured that all employees working in the factory are of legal working age. The majority of the workers work 8 hours per day (5 days per week), they get paid above minimum wage, they get paid double if they work overtime and their lunch break is normally between 1 to 1.5 hours. 

We love working with our supplier and appreciate how much love they put into making our products.

OGO (Apparel - T-shirts, onesies etc)

Totsy Daisy's range of clothing products are printed by a separate Company which is Australian owned and operated.

The printing company we use, use water-based inks which are Oeko-Tex™ certified and CPSIA compliant (unlike other inks on the market). This means that they are safe to print on baby and youth apparel. Water-based inks also have a reduced impact on the environment compared to common plastisol inks.

Our apparel products are supplied by a company called AS Colour who have many stores around Australia and provide high quality clothing.

AS Colour use factories based in Bangladesh and China that they have inspected and know well. They seek out the best factories in each product specialty and may interview up to fifty factories before carefully selecting one to make their products. 

Their workers are paid a minimum legal wage if not better. Importantly, all AS Colour's products are produced under safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions throughout their supply chain. Lastly AS Colour also ensure that they do not use cotton sourced from Uzbekistan where child labour has been used systematically.

Elf Diaper (Cloth Nappies and Nappy Pods)

Elf Diaper produce their nappies out of one main factory. We have been assured that all employees are of legal working age with the average working age being 37 years old. "Simple relationships and a relaxed working environment" are the reason the employees have been loyal to their company with most employees having been there for 5-8 years. The employees are paid over double the minimum wage which includes China's mandatory Social Insurance. Elf Diaper implement 1 - 2 days off a week for their staff (which is quite normal in China). The employees who need to pick up their children from school have the freedom to work from 8am to 4:30pm with all other employees working the hours of 8:30am to 5pm (including a 1 hour lunch break). 

Happy Flute

In our dealings with the Happy Flute employees, they appear to be very happy and we've been assured that they and are all of legal working age. The majority of employees work a 40 hour week which includes a long lunch break each day. They are paid above minimum wage and receive additional pay if working over time.