Here at Totsy Daisy we care about the environment.

Here are some of the steps that we take to reduce and recycle:-

Plastic Bags

  • Our "Mighty Gem" and "Totsy Daisy" branded products are sent to us from the manufacturer in one large bag. They are not packaged in individual plastic bags and (depending on the product) the majority of our orders are sent out to our customers plastic-free with only a cardboard and cotton string care label attached.
  • For all other products sold, if the manufacturer sends them to us in individual plastic bags they are Redcycled by us at a Coles shopping centre.

Product design

  • The manufacturer of our "Mighty Gem" and "Totsy Daisy" branded products take steps to reduce fabric waste. When designing products sometimes we are limited to specific sizes in order to avoid there being scraps of fabric left over from the fabric roll. We also order specific quantities of products in order to reduce left over fabric waste.

What to do with your postage packaging

  • Depending on the size of your order, our products are either sent out in 100% compostable satchels, Australia Post carbon neutral (standard and express post) satchels or (occasionally) in rigid cardboard mailers.
  • Our cardboard mailers can be placed in your yellow lid curbside recycling bin.
  • Our compostable satchels (which are a white satchel with a green seedling logo on it) are certified home compostable (complying with Australian Standard AS5810) which means they can be placed in your compost bin with your food scraps and garden waste or in your worm farm. In a "standard" home compost, they should biodegrade within 6 months time.  If you do not have a compost bin they need to be placed in your normal waste bin. Compostable satchels cannot be redcycled and cannot be placed in your normal yellow lid recycling bin.
  • Australia Post standard and express post satchels can be recycled at your nearest Redcycle bin. To find a Redcycle location near you, please click here.